I have been reading travel articles from a wide array of magazines/newspaper/etc. for a million years…ripping out the articles about places intriguing, enticing and exotic, and filing them in my giant travel  file. Friends often ask me if I have any articles on their next trip destination. I usually do and summarize the results for them…and if I’ve been to the place, I’ll add my two cents.

I’ve received so much positive feedback that I thought I’d slap these itineraries up on this blog…as a lark.

“Where Glamour Meets Adventure” is my tag line because who wouldn’t want both?! Adventure is anything that takes me into another world or exposes me to different cultures or landscapes with in-your-dreams views.

Glamour can be white table cloths but it can also be a delicious picnic next to a glacier in Patagonia. THAT’s what I’m talking about!

So if you want me to check in my file for you, follow Mimi’s Travel File and shoot me an email! I love putting together itineraries.

You may notice that there are no ads on my site. That’s intentional. I want to be viewed as un-influenced by advertising $$$. To that avail, I also don’t ask for or accept complimenrary cocktails, hotel stays, etcetera.

You also might have noticed that most of my posts are positive. That’s because Mimi’s Travel File is intended as a resource rather than a source of reviews. However, if I visit a hotel or restaurant or cultural site that receives beaucoup de positive press and I think it’s less than deserving, I will mention it. After all, I don’t want you to waste your hard-earned time and money! ❤️


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