Mimi’s Travel File: Pourquoi?

Several friends have asked me why I blog. Because I love to travel and I love to talk about it, be it in real life or in the life of my mind…accompanied by beautiful accessories, of course, like this great looking SteamLine Luggage, below.

vintage travel

(photo courtesy of SteamLine Luggage)

luggage on sailboat

Despite this goofy, impractical premise of hard luggage on a sailboat, you’ve got to admit: it’s GORGEOUS! (photo courtesy of SteamLine Luggage)

train luggage

The Ghan? (photo courtesy of SteamLine Luggage)

I love to learn and be transported. I bet you do, too.

Like, right now, you’re wondering: What’s The Ghan? Where is it and where’s it going? Click here to find out and be transported to this stylish train traveling from north to south Australia…in 2021, of course (darn that corona virus). In 2019, The Ghan marked 90 years of outback crossings. Swoon!


I wonder where she is? (photo courtesy of SteamLine Luggage)

Bonus: SteamLine was founded and is owned by this cute woman, above. Click here to read about her in Forbes.

Great Quote from her: “I want our children to know how special this world is, to see how other people live, experience how they go to school, eat what they eat…I really feel that the more we can bridge these cultural gaps, the more empathetic and compassionate we will be to others. More than anything, I feel that this is what we need a little more of in this world now.” Yes!

P.S.: Much as I am raving about this luggage (and I secretly want a complete set for my birthday), I take no compensation from any of the places or things about which I write, allowing me to be completely frank.

So now we’ve been transported and learned a little something along the way. And we had a great time doing it! That’s why I blog.

Why do you like to travel?

pink Mexico luggage

(photo  courtesy of SteamLine Luggage)